Demon Fire can catch someone off guard but can be avoided pretty easily. If you want to play - play. Thisicourage - The article doesn't mention anything with regards to how many objects you can throw before the stamina bar depletes.

It mentiones that a full stamina bar gives you about two dashes before it depletes, which is kind of on the limited side I'd say depending on how fast the bar recovers. Last edited by Black River ; 29 Apr, 5: PapaRegadetho , Jan 21, Looks like there is damage in X, but I like it better in 9.

You work with what you got Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. D'vorrah gets some bonus-points for being rather creative design-wise - but I hate bugs, so it's a pass for mkx slow matchmaking. If the opponent came close enough I could just block and do the shadow high kick or block and do noob's highest damage combo and deflect the opponent to a safe distance. You are a guest 3. It is not fun, mkx slow matchmaking. Yes, my password is: Everyone who thinks its just a gimmick is wrong. I tried and they dont work well. Think For Yourself; Question Authority. My opponents were just my friends, and I was by far better than all my friends so If I was playing an actual competent opponent they could do fine avoiding my zoning efforts but still; I do believe it is something that needs to be toned down. When I played him, I would usually try to frustrate my opponent into doing something very unsafe just to get closer. The first is the minion from above which divekicks the opponant and it a useful anti-air. No, create an account now. The only thing I will really miss is the better graphics of MK X. Just wondering if it's the same for everyone else. You don't need somebody else to tell you if playing a game is fun. I'd also like to thank in advance everyone in the TYM community. PapaRegadethoJan 21, Demon Fire can catch someone off guard but can be avoided pretty easily. Its pretty much to keep your opponent at a set spot or a distance away kind of like controlling where your opponent is during a match. Cross Counter Training has a lot of good fundamentals videos worth checking out as well. In MKX, he does have that demon minion variation and the Hellfire variation where he can actually throw fireballs. Last edited by Tiger ; 29 Apr, 6: I mean think about it, if you run in real life you are winded so it only makes sense that you get winded in the game.

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Like Test Your Might on Facebook! Title pretty much explains everything. MK11 is out in a few months, and I'd really like to improve my fundamentals before launch. They're pretty horrible at the moment. Truth be told I'm hardly above beginner when it comes to playing fighting games. Basically, I'm looking for a character that stresses the need for good fundamentals in order to get anything done.

Doesn't have to be a top tier either. If anything I think a lower tier character would probably be best in this case. And if people are curious as to what I mean by fundamentals. Basically think of some of the most basic fighting game terminology and basics that would need to be learned if one ever wanted to compete competitively in any fighting game.

I'd also like to thank in advance everyone in the TYM community. The whole site has been amazing when comes to uping your game and leveling up competitively. Boss SavageJan 20, Badboy Takuma you got caged, bitch! Badboy TakumaJan 20, But if you want to stick with mk then probably cyber kano or piercing mileena. BaconlordJan 20, Play variationless that should fix it.

He has a lot of different tools and because of that he usually has something to answer the opponent, but he doesn't really have explosive mix-ups or damage. I feel like you really need to understand your character, the opponent's, and different situations to do well with him but maybe that's just me.

Kano can be mkx slow matchmaking similar to a shoto character from Street Fighter Ryu, Ken, etcso that isn't a bad pick either. Because of that he is more of a "traditional" fundamentals character in comparison to Reptile. Gamer68mkx slow matchmaking, Jan 20, Boss Savage and Zaccel like this. I've had similar thoughts, in terms of trying to prepare for MK One thing you could do is to try and break "Fundamentals" down into their separate parts, and then work on those parts individually in practice mode.

For example, when I think of fundamentals, I think of things like spacing, anti-airs, whiff punishing, punishing after the opponent does an unsafe move, block strings, and frame traps. These are all things you can work on in practice mode, with any character. I'd suggest checking out Gief's Gym on Reddit. He's got a lot of good drills you can do to work on fundamentals.

They're obviously for Street Fighter, but you can easily adapt them to any fighting game you'd like. MarlowJan 20, Baron Greenback and Boss Savage like this. CrimsonShadow Administrator and Community Engineer. TBH fundaments aren't about what character you play, but rather how you play them. You can work on them with any character. If you're depending on christian dating standards list character you pick to give you the fundamentals, I'd say you probably looking at this wrong.

CrimsonShadowJan 20, Marlow and Spinky like this. It'll make you start ducking to block. I'd recommend MK9 but there's probably no one playing that online. I would say characters that rely on good spacing of normals and not too many mixups because they've been toned down in mk Look to focus on punishing mistakes and whiffs. The problem is most characters have dirty mixups. Um I'd say use characters like: Boss Savage likes this.

Last edited by a moderator: I'm in the same boat as you, because I free dating site australia wanted to try to get back in the swing of MKX things prior to the reveal, I'm probably gonna go back standard rv electrical hookup SF: V and DBFZ for now because more people are playing those. However, MKX is still really fun and worth learning even if all of the things don't transfer over.

Cross Counter Training has a lot of good fundamentals videos worth checking out as well. MrWarMachineJan 20, Scott The Scot likes this. Scott The Scot Where there is smoke, there is cancer. Scott The ScotJan 20, Boss SavageJan 21, PapaRegadetho All hail emperor Liucifer Kang!

Variationless Liu Kang is pretty much the best thing,since he has everything best hookup bars in san antonio right fundemental character needs in a 2d fighting game. Sagat type of zoning, a good uppercut for anti airing, b2 for spacing and whiff punishing as well as an overhead that splats,fast walkspeed for getting in and out of range for footsies, d3 mkx slow matchmaking thats plus on block which resembles many other 2d fighting games when it comes to low poking rather than losing your turn after it and aswell some pressure.

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